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Freshly frozen, nutrient-rich baby food.

Saving you precious time without
compromising on flavour & nutrition.


Being a new parent is hard enough without the added stress of preparing nutritious meals, right?!

So let us take care of that for you! Our delicious Baby Blocks are the closest thing to home made, without the endless hours of preparation.

Our Baby Blocks are made with Aussie ingredients, no nasties, and cooked with traditional cooking methods. They are simple combinations with the inclusion of subtle herbs and spices, so not only do they taste delicious, they also help to introduce new flavour and texture experiences, helping to set your baby up for the best start. Once cooked, they're freshly frozen, which means all the nutrients are locked in!

Fuel your little ones' growth and development, help them to thrive, and give yourself the much-needed break you deserve.

Our goal is to make baby food you can feel proud to feed your little one, so you can spend your time where it matters most.

Today’s lifestyles are busy! While most of us are juggling parenting with work, everyday responsibilities, and getting enough sleep, finding the time to prepare fresh and nutritious baby food can seem overwhelming and stressful. That's where we come in...

What makes us different?

The freshness factor

Shelf-stable baby food (think: pouches and jars) uses extreme heat to kill bacteria, allowing it to remain on shelves for years. This means your baby's food can be even older than they are! The side effect of this ultra-high heat treatment is that it also kills the valuable nutrients and leaves a syrupy, sugary consistency with little to no nutritional benefit.

Local Australian ingredients

Our baby blocks are freshly made using the best local produce and snap frozen, which means they stay jam packed with nutrients! Freezing naturally preserves the food while retaining all of the natural flavour, colour, freshness, and vital nutrients that your little ones need to thrive.

No nasty additives

Many packaged baby foods contain high levels of sugar, sodium, additives & preservatives, artificial colouring, and even heavy metals & toxins. Our baby blocks are 100% whole food based, made from the freshest Australian ingredients.

Conveniently portioned

Our baby blocks come in packs of 4 blocks and are sealed in a way that you can use one block at a time, or all! No more defrosting too much and wasting leftovers. The blocks have multiple uses and can be served alone or mixed into other meals, ready to use in as little as 1 minute!

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